SECTION 1 "Structure and properties of high strength and nanostructured metallic and composite materials"

SECTION 2 "Development of methods for studying and modeling the structure and properties of materials and nanomaterials"

SECTION 3 "Functional ceramic and composite nanomaterials"

SECTION 4 "Biomedical Materials and Technologies"

SECTION 5 "Development of physical and chemical bases and new processes for molding powder materials and nanomaterials"

SECTION 6 "Physical and chemical bases of reception and processing of advanced inorganic materials"

SECTION 7 "Physical chemistry and technology of energy, resource-saving and environmentally friendly processes for ferrous, nonferrous and rare metals"

SECTION 8 "Advanced composite coatings and nanostructured film functional purpose"

SECTION 9 "Physical and chemical bases of new processes

shaping and forming materials and nanomaterials"

SECTION 10 "Advanced polymer materials and composites based on them"