Extended abstract (up to 2 full pages of A4) should be typed in editor Word for Windows . Use only Times New Roman font, size – 11, line spacing – 1, first line - 1 cm, text alignment - justified. Word hyphenation is not allowed. Insert graphs and tables in the text only as pictures (.bmp or .jpg). Type expressions only in theEquation Editor.

The heading. In the first line type the article title (bold capital letters), in the second one type name of the author(s) (bold letters) and in the third line type country, organization name, e-mail of the author (italic type). Use centered text alignment.

Page Setup are as follows: 2 cm top, bottom, left and right margins and landscape orientation.

Name of the text file should contain the name and initials of the first author, for example: ivanov_vm.doc.

The main conference requirement. Only one young scientist aged till 35 years can be the author of an oral or poster report. The names of supervisors and consultants should be indicated in the abstracts in "The expression of gratitude" section.

Reports drawn up according to requirements will be permitted only